10 best waterproof tents

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best waterproof tent

A tent is a safe shelter produced from canvas or nylon that is held up through shaft and ropes and is utilized basically through those people who are exploring nature. The best waterproof tent would absolutely hold water back from penetrating a tent in any structure.

If you are looking to backpack or camping in areas recognized for moist weather, you’ll need a tent that will keep you dry and comfortable on the occasion of rain

This guide is for the best waterproof tents that should help you to pick the right one for your experience.

Table of Contents

1-Best waterproof tents
Coleman Dome Tent
● Coleman Weather Master Tent
● Eureka Copper Canyon tent
● NTK Laredo Tent
● REI Co-Op Base Camp Tent
● ALPS Lynx Tent
● NTK Arizona GT Tent
● NTK Indy GT Tent
● Vango Atlas Tent
● Gree Top Tent

2-Best ways to waterproof a tent

Best Waterproof Tents

1- Coleman Dome Tent

The best waterproof family tent is the Coleman Dome. It is pretty spacious and consists of a screened porch complete with a floor. This tent has a room in which you could without difficulty fit 2 queen-size airbeds into it.

The tent is crafted from 75D polyester taffeta, a waterproof fabric, and its strong frame has been examined to withstand 35+ mph winds.
It’s a WEATHERTECH SYSTEM with protected welded floors and inverted seams to hold you dry. The tent has four massive windows and a well-designed rain fly to keep the rain out. The tent additionally has a mesh ceiling for stargazing on clear nights.

● Extraordinary roomy
● Well-designed rain fly with vented windows
● Fast set up
● Withstands rain and sturdy winds pretty well

● Can not deal with extreme hot or cold

2-Coleman Weathermaster Tent

The Coleman Weathermaster(6 is an exceedingly spacious 2-room tent with a screen room). There is sufficient area to fit 2 queen-length airbeds. This tent is filled with extraordinary features such as an e-port, a hinged door, and internal storage pockets.

It is the best waterproof camping family tent because its WEATHERTECH SYSTEM with protected welded floors and inverted seams will keep you dry regardless of what. The tent additionally functions as a wind strong frame as well as climate-resistant zippers and waterproof floors. A disadvantage to this tent is its weight, the tent weighs 32lbs, but the weight of the tent is to be expected given its generous space and height.

This exceedingly spacious tent will keep you and your family protected from heavy wind and rain. The screen room is a high-quality location for bug-free lounging. This tent is at the heavier side, but that should not be a problem as it is intended for car camping and not to be carried around.

● Extraordinary Spacious
● Tall
● Rainfly
● Storage pockets
● Expandable convey bag included


● Insufficient storage pockets
● Not unfastened standing

3-Eureka Copper Canyon Tent

If space and luxury is your favorite concern, then the Eureka Copper Canyon tent is the best waterproof tent available in the market. The very best point is 7ft, meaning you won’t get a hunch.
The floor is 64 square feet and may easily fit 4 people and every one of your equipment. This tent features massive windows and a higher air flowing at the ceiling, making the tent extraordinarily breathable. The air flow becomes affected if it rains, though. The rain will force you to shut the windows which might successively limit the quantity of airflow.
All in all, this is often the last word tent for families looking to camp in comfort. The volume of this tent is considerably larger than the variety of the other tents in the market, so this is the best waterproof family tent.

● Great airflow
● Very Strong poles
● Extraordinary Spacious
● Great for families

● Can be very difficult to set up
● Not suitable for rainstorms

4-NTK Laredo Tent

The NTK Laredo tent is a great call in case you need to experience it just like the king or queen of your very own castle.
This tent is huge. It has 150 sq. ft. of space and 6.2 peak height which means even the tallest human could have an easy time moving around.
This tent can fit up to 9 humans. However, you need to recall that there are 9 humans packed in like sardines. If you want to go camping with the children and have enough room in the tent for your tools and furniture, then this is the best waterproof family tent. The Laredo tent has an HH rating of 2500 mm, a bath floor, and a rain fly that covers nearly the entire tent, so you won’t need to worry about ever getting moist inside this tent.
● Size – 150 sq. ft. and a peak height of 6.2 means you’ll have masses of room
● 2500 mm HH rating means it will hold you bone dry even withinside the heaviest rainfall
● The rain fly is going nearly all the way to the ground, ensuring total weather protection
● A huge portion of the tent is mesh, providing airflow while keeping the insects out
● The tent floor fabric is fairly hard.

● It weighs over 20 pounds, so it is better to use when car camping

5-REI Co-Op Base Camp Tent

For small camping groups, the best waterproof camping tent that I recommend is the REI Co-op Base Camp tent.
It is a 6-man tent, but, keep in mind that any 6-man tent can be a tight squeeze for 6 individuals. These tents are best for groups of 3-5 people.

The REI Co-op Base Camp is manufactured from polyester, and it comes with a polyester rain fly that covers the whole tent. This makes it both dependable and exceptionally water-safe.
It’s a 3 to 4-season tent, which means it’ll hold up well in any weather conditions, except for excessive blizzards.
It is exceptionally stable, thanks to its dome shape and aluminum poles. As long as you stake it down and man it out properly, you won’t have to worry about this tent flying away in the wind.
The tent has 2 doors, so you’ll be able to get inside and outside smoothly and easily, without disturbing the slumber of your tent-mates.
There are likewise 2 vestibules (a greater one and a more modest one), with the goal that you can leave your filthy shoes and each and every other additional stuff you have outside, underneath the covered regions.
This tent is a little at the heavier side, weighing in at over 20 lbs. That is why it is not a great solution for backpacking trips.
● Incorporates a polyester downpour fly that works effectively at keeping up with water out
● Dome structure and aluminum poles offer fantastic stability
● Features 2 doors, so you can get inside and outside quick and easily
● 2 vestibules give you a place to stash your equipment outside.
● Color-coded poles for a smooth breezy setup

● Not sufficient light to take backpacking

6-ALPS Lynx Tent

The Lynx tent is the best waterproof tent if you are a solo hiker and backpacker. Its rating is 2000 mm, mesh walls that boom ventilation and manufacturing sealed seams.
It is a free-stand and two-pole design. Plus, the fact that it is a product of polyester fabric guarantees you’ll be comfortable and protected during bad weather conditions.
On the downside, it’s quite small, so if you’re interested in having another man in your tent, you may need to look at some other tents on our list.
● Affordable
● Lightweight
● Set up and take down may be achieved below 2 minutes
● Two vents at the top reduce condensation and hold the tent breathable
● The vestibule is massive large to leave your dirty boots and equipment outside, far from your sleeping area

● Small, only effective for one person
● The ground isn’t completely waterproof, so I recommend that you purchase a footprint

7-NTK Arizona GT Tent

The NTK Arizona GT tent is the best waterproof family tent option, especially if you tend to camp in bad weather. It is not a 4-season tent by any means but does have the shape and abilities to handle bad weather and the layout is ideal for privacy when you need to slip your setting up the camp party into two.

The tent is designed for nine people however ideally, you would have six or fewer if you want sufficient space for some luxury camping. It is available in its own carry bag, but it’s really too heavy for backpacking at 27lbs, and you’ll need to use it for car camping.

Setting it up is smooth, simply follow the color-coded instructions to pitch the internal tent, then simply throw over the rain fly and peg. The rain fly is crafted from 190t polyester with a waterproof rating of 2500 mm. It gives full coverage, is durable, and can handle heavy rain.
The bathtub ground does an outstanding job of preventing any puddles from getting inside thanks to the high edges that block and trickles trying to make their way in. The floor additionally features an anti-fungal layer to stop any odor or mold build-up.

Once pitched you’ll see the tent has two vestibules for storing all your tools and two rooms each with its own door for smooth access and privacy. The only real disadvantage to this tent is that it is quite costly, but you are getting what you pay for.

Overall this is a remarkable family tent with an outstanding layout that is weather resistant. So often multi-room tents can not handle rain or winds, so it is nice to see one that can.

● The Nano Flex fiberglass frame does nicely in heavy winds
● The rain fly offers complete coverage with a good waterproof rating
● Anti-fungal bathtub ground reduces mold, odors and keeps water out
● Awesome farm it with 2 doors, and a pair of vestibules
● Quick and smooth to set up
● Durable and nicely made

● Pretty expensive however it’s quite big
● heavy for backpacking

8-NTK Indy GT Tent

The NTK Indy GT is a 6- person tent that uses very good materials and technologies to give you a spacious camping experience while not having to fear the weather. So the NTK Indy GT tent is the best waterproof tent on the market if your group has 6 people.
The rain fly is made from 190T polyester with a 2500 mm water-resistant rating. It will deal with any storms that come in its direction while the thermoplastic coating reflects risky UV rays away as well.

The group is anti-fungal, water-resistant, silver-lined, long-lasting, and comes in a bathtub shape to ensure no puddle build-up outside it seeps in.
Pitching the camping tent is smooth and easy. Once pitched you have a large front vestibule with an awning. The front porch additionally includes a ground, so you can use it for relaxing too in case you like. Then, at that point, there’s one large door that goes into the tent where you’ll discover storage and ventilation.
Overall this tent is amazing for the price, and it’ll protect you from heavy weather. But it lacks the extra beneficial features like an additional door and vestibule that makes life a lot easier.


● Nice display room with awning for storage and relaxing
● Full rain fly with 2500 mm rating
● Fame uses nano flex technology to handle heavy winds, bathtub, silver-lined, anti-fungal, and long-lasting.
● Waterproof ground


● Only 1 door for access
● Lack of a second vestibule
● Too tight for five people inside

9-Vango Atlas Tent

In case you are on the lookout for a 2-man tent that can deal with the weather anyway, it is not too costly, then the Vango Atlas is the best waterproof tent on the market for you. It is long-lasting, affordable, not heavy, packs down ok, and will keep you always dry.
The size of this tent is best for 2 people to sleep comfortably. It also is rated for 3-people, but this would be a bit of a squeeze. The tent is smooth and easy to set up, simply put the poles in, throw over the rainfly, and peg her down.

The rain fly has a water-resistant rating of 3000 mm, more than sufficient to protect you from heavy rainfall. It is also a full-coverage rain fly.

The floor of the tent is a bath, which implies it comes up to meet the tent 3 to 5 inches from the floor. This is an awesome addition as it stops any groundwater.
The tent features two doors for greater accessibility and airflow on a warm day. There is one vestibule for putting your backpacks, giving you additional space for relaxing in the tent. The tent is also properly ventilated to stop condensation build-up, holding you dry as a bone.
Generally, this is an incredible waterproof tent and has every one element you want for a comfortable trip.

● Comes with a huge vestibule for storing your equipment outside the tent
● Good coverage from the rain fly keeps you dry
● High waterproof rating of 3000 mm
● Good airflow for reducing condensation
● Ideal size for two people
● Packs up smartly and isn’t too heavy
● The bathtub ground provides extra safety from water
● An extra vestibule might be nice
● 3 individuals would be a bit of a crush

10-Gree Top Tent

The Geer top Tent is a four-season tent. Well if it’s comfort you want and rainfall you want to be protected from, then absolutely the Greentop is the best waterproof camping tent. The tent consists of 210D PU 5000 mm oxford floor that is durable and almost impervious to any weather. The inward tent material is 210T breathable polyester. And the rainfly is 3000 mm 210T PU anti-tear polyester. Together this makes a tent that could deal with some extreme rainfall with no problem.
This camping accompanies aluminum poles that flex a bit in winds but hold a strong structure. They don’t however manage snow thoroughly and might start to bend in on themselves under pressure at those cold temperatures.

Setting up this water-resistant tent for camping is a piece of cake. And, once set up it has two doors for smooth access with a massive front vestibule for storing your tools in. You can also use walking poles to maintain the vestibule door up and make an awning too. So if you want to buy a four-season tent, then The Geertop Tent is the best waterproof tent for you.
Inside the tent is one massive room that is a really perfect space for 2 to 3 people. Trying to put 4 people in there will be squeezed.

● Four-season tent for all-weather camping
● Has a massive front vestibule that can become an awning
● Long-lasting floor and rain fly
● Portable while shared between two
● great waterproof rating
● Aluminum pole system can handle heavy winds
● Reasonable price
● Not quite sufficient 4 people

Best Ways To Waterproof A Tent
There are 3 main ways to waterproof your tent:

1-Sealing A Leaky Seam Tent

Many tents include seams that can be sealed, however, the sealant can be put out over time.

If You Discover A Leaky Seam, Here’s What You Will Need:

● Rag
● Rubbing alcohol
● Seam sealer(make sure to obtain the right kind for your tent. The silicone-treated fabric takes a different sealer than polyurethane-covered fabrics. Many tents use polyurethane-covered textures, anyway in case you don’t know what kind of texture your tent is made of, then tent to tent manufacturer)
● Drop fabric to contain spills

Here’s The Way To Seal Seams:

Set your tent up in a dry, sunny spot or brightly lit room so you can without difficulty look at all the seams. You will seal seams on the bottom of the fly and the inner side of the tent body. It’s beneficial to put the fly on inside out for easier access to the seams.
If you locate seam tape that is coming loose on the bottom of the fly, gently get rid of any peeling sections, however, leave intact sections in place.

Prep the seams via a way of cleaning them with a rag and rubbing alcohol.
Apply the brand-new seam sealer to the seams.
Apply a new seam sealer as per the instructions on the product. Make sure you get the right sort of seam sealer. Polyurethane-coated materials require different seam sealers to silicone-treated one.
On the off chance that one crease is beginning to come up short, the rest probably won’t be a long way behind, so you may furthermore need to apply crease sealer to every one of the creases

Note: Even if only a small part of the seam is letting in water or seems worn, it’s beneficial to reproof as many of the seams as possible to be safe. If the seams are broken or coming apart, then you will need to get them repaired.

2-Applying the New Urethane Coating On A Tent

If you’ve observed stuff flaking off of the inside of your rain fly or on the floor of your tent, then it is time to use a new urethane coating.

Here’s What You’ll Need For Applying New Urethane Coating On A Tent

● A sponge
● Rubbing alcohol
● Tent sealant (be sure to get the right sort for your tent. Silicone-treated texture takes an unexpected sealer in comparison to polyurethane-covered textures. Most tents use polyurethane-covered textures, anyway in case you are uncertain what kind of texture your tent is made of, then see the tent to the tentmaker)

Here’s Way To Apply The New Urethane Coating:

● Lay your rain fly, tent floor level and scour off the chipping covering with scouring liquor and wipe
● Let the new coating dry for a minimum 24 hours earlier before packing your tent away
● To reduce publicity to flame retardant chemicals, wash your hands after dealing with covered tent fabrics

3-Applying The DWR On A Tent

If rain is not beading up for your fly anymore, you could refresh the durable water repellent (DWR)

Here’s What You’ll Need For Applying The DWR On A Tent

● A spray-on water-repellent product
● A clean, damp fabric water

Here’s How To Apply The DWR On A Tent:

● Set up the tent and washed the rain fly with clean water
● Apply the waterproof spray evenly over the outside of the rainfly
● After a few minutes, take your damp cloth and wipe off any extra coating
● Leave to dry

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