8 Best Glamping Tents for Sale

Outdoor recreation has grown a lot in recent years. And as another summer approaches, people are looking for new ways to get out, see something new, and spend more time outdoors. Traveling to faraway lands can still be a bit risky these days, but we know for a fact that all of the country’s national forests and public lands are open to access (with restrictions, of course). What better way to travel than to spend time in the forest, reconnecting with yourself and with nature?

While some of us like to have a rough time in the woods, we understand that not everyone finds solace in getting away from their couches, nice glasses, and comfy bedding, no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves—or others—that we enjoy ourselves. to camp. . If this sounds like you, a glamping tent (aka glam camping) is the way to go.

1: Regatta Canvas Bell Glamping Tents for sale

glamping tents for sale

If you love round-bottom canvas tents (who doesn’t?), but can’t splurge on a top-of-the-line Lotus Belle, this Whiteduck tent is for you. It has an average of 4.7 stars from over 100 Amazon reviews.

The cotton canvas material is strong and waterproof, the stove plug is ready to light a wood stove and the zippered polyvinyl lining is quite durable and easy to keep clean, so your home will stay cool, dry, and ordered in all four. seasons – yes, even in the winter season, if you dare.

Whether you choose the 10-foot, 13-foot, or 16-foot option, this tent will transform into your own luxurious private powder room. Setup is possible with 1 person, but not recommended.

This 13-foot tent is what I use on hunting trips, with ample room for three adults, cots, a stove, a few small tables, tons of gear, and a muddy shoe vestibule. It’s so spacious and comfortable that you can, for the first time, hit the effective 14-day camping limit in most national forests.

  • Affordable price
  • Fire retardant material and stove plug are ready for chilly nights.
  • Robust and durable
  • Heavy and bulky

2: 16-Foot Outback Deluxe Glamping Tent

16-Foot Outback Deluxe Glamping Tent

Grab your glamping tents for sale martini glass and relax for a while. If this tent looks like something out of a fairy tale, it’s because it practically is. This 16-foot bell-shaped glamping tent actually measures 18 feet at its widest point. It’s big enough to fit six (yes, six) double-size mattresses or six people to practice yoga comfortably.

This deluxe tent is made from fire and water-resistant cotton canvas, plus a durable bathtub-style PVC liner to keep heat and bugs out. It has two mesh windows and two roof vents to maximize airflow, a zippered front door big enough to fit a queen-size bed, and plenty of exterior straps to keep things secure if the wind picks up. . 🇧🇷

The setup is quite complicated and will definitely require two people (at least), but you’ll never use this store alone anyway. This Lotus Belle is the definition of a glamping tent, and it really raises the bar, with so much comfort you may never want to come home.

  • Incredibly spacious
  • The heavy-duty materials are durable and weather resistant.
  • Ample ventilation for the hottest days.
  • Setup is quite difficult
  • Expensive

3: 20-Person 4-Room Cabin Tent

20-Person 4-Room Cabin Tent

This option isn’t quite as fancy as some of the other stores in this review, but it’s most likely bigger than your first New York apartment. With 283 m2). miserable). And three separate entrances provide much-needed privacy or a way to avoid stepping on your friend when he gets up in the middle of the night.

The body, floor and rain cover of this tent are made of waterproof polyester. There are 12 fiberglass poles (to reduce weight) and 8 steel poles, so the setup will definitely take some time, practice, and at least one accomplice.

There are tons of windows that can be opened for air flow or closed for heat. But with so many windows, so much space, and rain with less than complete coverage, we don’t recommend this tent for cold-weather excursions.

This behemoth claims to hold 20 people, but we don’t recommend trying to cram that many humans into such small rooms. But if you have a large family or have teenagers, personal space is a must, and this tent could solve (some of) your problems.

  • Room dividers divide this tent into four separate rooms
  • The cheapest large tent
  • Ideal for traveling in hot climates with children and their friends.
  • It’s actually too big for typical campsites.
  • It is not as strong as a canvas tent.
  • Not equipped for cool fall nights.

4: Patrol Deluxe Tent

Patrol Deluxe Tent

Similar to the classic canvas military tent, but with a few modern touches for added comfort, this safari tent is a pure glamping haven. Its cotton canvas is breathable, waterproof, and storm-resistant, its sewn-in PVC flooring provides a good barrier against bugs and dirt, and four doors (two front, two rear) with built-in mesh windows let the breeze in. Cross to keep you cool at night.

This tent takes its structure from a multitude of lead lines and three spring-loaded steel poles, one at each entrance, one in the center. It measures 13 x 11.4 feet, which is ample room for four full-size bunk beds and gear. Setup is definitely a two-person job, but it’s a fairly intuitive job that requires no practice or instructions.

This A-frame tent doesn’t come with a stove outlet, but it can be purchased separately and easily set up, a feature Canvas Camp says improves customization because not every stove is right for everyone. At such an affordable price, this is a sure bet for a new fan favorite at campgrounds across the country.

  • Timeless shape like military tents
  • Installation is quite simple given its size.
  • Stove connector is an add-on and requires installation

5: Wagontop 6P Group Camping Tent​

Wagontop 6P Group Camping Tent​

 Everything about Nemo’s Wagontop is well-designed to keep a large group of family or friends happy. Stand up, stretch and do a little dance – this tent has high ceilings (max height 80 inches) that you’ll love when it’s time to get dressed and plenty of space (12 x 9 feet) for the whole family.

Setup is simple and can easily be handled by one person, thanks to a single-wall construction (no separate carabiner) and just four posts that lift the structure in an instant.

Each of its four walls has a large screen window for better airflow and a more “homey” feel. Two ports provide input and output options. Resembling an atrium, the front vestibule provides protection from the elements and is a great place to store gear, but can be easily removed when the sky is clear for a better view.

Compared to other canvas glamping tents, the Wagontop does not have the same sturdy construction nor is it stove-compatible. However, it has a much smaller footprint, weighs much less, packs less, is easier to install, and feels more aerodynamic if the wind starts to pick up.

  • Fully waterproof
  • It weighs less and packs less than canvas tents.
  • Installation is easy to do multiple times in one trip
  • Large vestibule for equipment storage.
  • Thinner fabrics are more susceptible to tearing

6: Big Family Camping Bell Tent

Big Family Camping Bell Tent

 If you like a canvas glamping tent, this one isn’t quite as chunky or feature-packed as the Whiteduck tent above, but you can’t deny the price difference. This basic model is 13 feet in diameter, and larger sizes are available.

This entry-level 100% cotton canvas glamping tents for sale is super breathable and water repellent, making it the perfect home for your warm-weather outdoor adventures. Even with the B-pillar, it can comfortably accommodate a double bed and two single beds.

When the sun is really hot, you can really air this tent out: roll down the flooring from the side walls, roll up the sides, open the windows and recessed vents, and you’ve got excellent airflow under the canopy. It is the perfect multi-purpose solution for family camping.

Setup is relatively simple for a glamping tent: just raise the center pole, mark the ground, raise the goal pole, attach the guy lines, and voila: your (inexpensive) kingdom awaits.

  • An entry-level solid canvas bell tent
  • The ability to open it on heat is a nice feature.
  • less robust construction

7: Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

Wall tents have vertical walls (hence the name), which means they have much more living space than a dome or bell tent. This wall tent comes in various sizes from 8 x 10 feet to 16 x 20 feet.

Made with heavy-duty cotton canvas, heavy-duty aluminum frame and beams, powder-coated steel supports, durable sewn-in PVC flooring, military-grade zippers, and large mesh windows with storm flaps make this tent stand out. . tent.

The basic model of this wall tent is waterproof and can support small portable heaters for four seasons. But if you really want to maximize comfort, splurge on the heat-resistant option with a ceramic cooktop and cooktop, plus flame-resistant treated fabrics.

Setup is a major chore – it will take two, preferably three adults to lift this beast. But the comfort and warmth are well worth the installation time. Now all you need is to split a few logs and you’re on your way to calling the forest your new place of residence.

  • Tons of living space no matter what size you choose
  • Robust fabrics and structure.
  • Setup takes a while, even with two or three people

8: Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Tent: 4-Person 3-Season

Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Tent: 4-Person 3-Season

Experience the luxury of a National Park trip with Big Agnes’ Bunk House. It’s much smaller than many glamping tents, but it’s a roomy enough car tent (92 x 90 inches) that it won’t fill up your entire trunk. It’s aimed at people who really want to stand up while changing in the tent, with vertical side walls and a stylish 70-inch top height that mom and dad will appreciate when changing babies.

The Bunk House is one of the most storm-resistant tents around, thanks to strong aluminum poles, adjustable lines, a double-walled frame, and a fully waterproof tub-style floor to keep the elements out. Setup is much easier than larger and heavier glamping tents and can easily be done by one person.

Thoughtful details like eight total interior pockets, a fold-out welcome mat, and a pole-mounted accessory vestibule make the $500 cost seem like a small price to pay for a lifetime of memories on the road.

  • Smaller size can fit smaller curtain pads
  • Installation is easy with one person.
  • It fits perfectly in your trunk.
  • less bulky and strong than a canvas tent

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