Best camping tent with porch In 2022 | An Ultimate Guide With Reviews

Best Camping Tent with Porch In 2022 | An Ultimate Guide With Reviews

camping tent with porch for family camping or for a group of friends camping. Porch tents contain a screen room. The screen provides you a space for sitting without any problem because it provides complete protection from insects. It also provides you extra protection from the rain.
If you want to buy a camping tent with a porch, you came here to the right place. For this purpose we have been doing our best research and here is our list of the best 5 camping tents with a porch in the market.

NTK Texas GT Camping Tent With Porch

The NTK Texas GT camping tent with a screened porch tent is a very extraordinary tent for 7 Persons in the market.
The structure is completely freestanding, with 6 legs so I included it in the list of best camping tents with a porch.
This is a 2-room structure tent.

NTK Texas GT Camping Tent With Screened Porch

There are two main doors of this tent, while the inner tent has three inner doors, all with mesh for ventilation. There are three windows of this tent. Two windows of which are present on the sides, and one is on the front door.
The NTK Texas GT camping tent with a screened porch tent has a fascinating style, a hexagonal type structure with a full-covered fly, and an inward tent that occupies only half of the hexagon area. That is why this is a double-layer tent. The fly covers the tent totally, its waterproof rating is 2500 mm. The tent is made with 190T polyester covered with the polyurethane which gives it 2500 mm waterproofness. So this provides you complete protection from the rain.

Season-wise and climate-wise this is a three-seasons tent. There is a huge porch present in this tent. The size of the porch is the same area as the inner tent, however, it is without the floor. So this is a very useful space for sitting and all the camping activity but not for sleeping.


  • Weight 20 kg
  • Inner Area 63.5 ft²
  • Peak Height 6.9 ft
  • Porch Area 63.5 ft²
  • Dimension 14 ×14 ft
  • Seven person capacity
  • Reasonable price
  • Good waterproof rating
  • Too heavy

Coleman Evanston Six-Person Camping Tent With Screened Front Porch

This Coleman Evanston six-person camping tent with screened front porch tent has an interesting design, a dome style tent with screen room, lightweight and at a very reasonable price. This is a very stable tent due to the dome style. So you can use this tent at places where you expect some wind. But bear in mind this tent is not for strong rain and strong wind. It will no longer last in such conditions. So this is a summer camping tent for moderate weather conditions.

Coleman Evanston Six-Person Camping Tent With Screened Front Porch

The total floor area is 140 ft², this looks like a lot, but the porch area cannot provide full rain protection so the totally protected area is not big. Actually, the porch screen provides protection from insects, but not from rain completely. The tent is not freestanding, however, it can stand on its own for a while. Actually, the dome design supports only the main room, but not the screen room. You will need around 15 minutes to set up this tent. The poles are made of fiberglass and fly fabric is made of polyester taffeta 75D, and the floor is with durable polyethylene. The main room has two mesh windows which are protected by panels. They are protected by the fly also, that is why you can keep them open most of the time. This tent also has a window with an internal door because of its dome design.

This tent has some good features and some less good features. The good feature is being a stable tent because of its dome design. The bad feature is that it has a relatively low peak height, so keep in mind you should prefer a tent where you can walk inside easily. The only problem with the design of this tent is that the only entrance is through the screen room, so if it gets wet due to rain, then it may cause trouble while passing through here.

This Coleman Evanston six-person camping tent with Screened front porch is best for 6 people because its main room has 90 square feet of space.

This is also a suitable tent for couples. You can put a queen size bed in the main room, with a lot of the area around it remaining, and set the screen room as a sitting area. For parents with children, I would not suggest more than 3 children because the screen room is not a dry zone. The fly can’t full-covered the main dome area. In this tent fly covers only on the ceiling of the screen room, so the mesh walls are not fully protected.
Actually, in this tent, the screen room is designed to keep in mind the sitting area when the sky is completely clear. So if you accept this then it is the best camping tent with a porch.


  • Weight 9.8 kg
  • Inner Area 140 ft²
  • Dimension 14×10 ft
  • Porch Area 10 × 5 ft
  • Peak Height 173 cm

  • Reasonable price
  • Stable tent
  • Nice carried bag
  • Lightweight
  • Not good for strong rain and wind

Carlsbad Dark Coleman Dome Tent With Screen Room

Carlsbad dark Coleman dome Tent with Screen Room blocks around 90% of sunlight, it is not difficult to use, it is also affordable, So I included it in my list of best camping tents with a porch.

Carlsbad Dark Coleman Dome Tent With Screen Room

Actually, the dark rest design of the tent is the best feature of this tent. It is made of dark material and they guarantee that the inner tent blocks 90% of sunlight and reduces heat inside. This type of tent was available in the market many years ago in the market under the name Carlsbad with 6 person capacity. This tent was launched now in 2021 for 8 people. The basic shape and uses are the same for both tents, but the fabric color and waterproof rating are completely different. The style of this tent is like a simple dome-type tent with a coverage fly that protects the ceiling of the internal area.

The Carlsbad dark Coleman dome tent with screen room was made with fiberglass shock-corded poles. This is called the Fast Pitch technology. This permits you to set up the tent very fast by using pre-joined poles and hubs, quick-fit feet, and obstacle-free clasps.
There are two windows of this tent on both sides of the tent. The tent is connected with mesh windows, and the internal tent is secured under the fly. The tent is moderately tall in the middle. As normal with dome design tents, the volume is not so good. The screen room is with a mesh front, so here it is not taller. That is why you need a low-size chair to sit here. Both are covered with flooring but the screen room cannot provide complete protection from the rain.

The tent provides a 3000 mm waterproof rating. This is huge and you should never need more, So its main room provides you complete protection from the rain. The screen room of the tent can’t provide complete protection. The fly of the tent doesn’t protect its sides, and also there are no internal panels of the tent. It is floored, however, the floor has a lattice drain section for water in front of the inner door and goes with the full width of the screen room. This implies that you do not have complete protection from ticks and other creatures. This is a great summer camping tent regarding the season and climate. It can bear winds of up to 35 mph. The tent is heavy but it can be justified because of the large number of its features. This tent is also bulky because its packed size is 30 x 13.3 x 12.8. So you cannot carry it out anywhere. For this, you have to use a car.


  • Weight 12 kg
  • Peak Height 6 ft
  • Dimension 15 × 12 ft
  • Inner Area 108 ft²
  • Porch Area 70 ft²

  • Dark rest design
  • Screen room available
  • Affordable price
  • 2 Rooms tent
  • Huge waterproof rating
  • A bit bulky

Skylodge Coleman Evanston Camping Tent With Screened-in Porch

Skylodge Coleman Evanston camping tent With a Screened-in porch is a 2-room cabin-style huge and tall tent with windows on all four sides. There are many good features of this tent that is why I included it in my list of best camping tents with a porch. The rooms of the tent are floored and this means that it provides you complete protection. The first is the front room which offers more features while the second is an ordinary room which provides fewer features. The screen room of the tent is a true room because it provides complete protection. The screen room is fully protected because it is floored and with inner panels. There are two rooms in this tent. The tent has an inverted-T-shaped front door and there is additionally a large inner door between the two rooms.

Skylodge Coleman Evanston Camping Tent With Screened-in Porch

The fly and wall fabric of this tent is made of durable 68D polyester with a 600 mm coating on it.And the floor of the tent is made with very durable polyethylene with a 130 g/m 2 coating.
The tent is a ceiling with all mesh. This has a large ventilation roof area. Nesh openings are present on all sides of the tent. The tent has a floor vent on the backside of the tent for protecting you from rain.

The tent has an e-cable port. A carried bag is also included. The warranty of the tent is one year
The tent is a ceiling with all mesh. This has a large ventilation roof area. Nesh openings are present on all sides of the tent.
It can withstand up to 35 mph wind because of the presence of the WeatherTec System.
With respect to the capacity, the tent is for 12 people. The front room is 10 x 5 ft in dimensions and the rear room is about 14 x 10 ft in size. The total area of the tent is 190 ft² so it is a huge tent.

With respect to seasons and climate, this is the best tent for a hot climate because, with so much mesh on the ceiling, you would not feel great in a cold climate.The weight of the tent is 20.6 kg. It is heavy so this is a car camping tent. But it’s packed size is good because it measures only 26.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches.
So this sky lodge Coleman Evanston camping tent with a Screened-in porch is really great, large, tall tent, and provides a complete protected screen room.


  • Weight 20.6 kg
  • Peak height 7.4 ft
  • Dimension 19 × 10 ft
  • Inner Area 120 ft²
  • Porch Area 80 ft²

  • Pleasant
  • Compact
  • Fully protected screen room
  • Very Tall tent
  • Many windows available
  • Huge Area
  • A bit heavy

Ozark Trail Camping Tent With Screen Porch

Ozark Trail Camping Tent with screen porch is a huge summer camping with an all-steel frame, 2 cabinets, a screen, and 6 large mesh windows on all the sides of the tent. Due to all these good qualities, I included it in my list of best camping tents with a porch.

There are two rooms of the tent, the backroom size is 13.5 x 8 ft, while the front room size is 13.5 x 6 ft. This front room is like a screen room, however, panels are attached here. So the front room can be an ordinary room as well as the main room because it provides protection against the rain.

Ozark Trail Camping Tent With Screen Porch

The screen room of the tent provides a completely protected room because zippered panels are connected with its three sides.
There are two huge doors, while the inner door between the two rooms is huge and double-layer. All these doors are opening internally and externally with the help of zippers. So this tent provides a pleasant environment. There are two cabinets present on two sides of the tent, which are attached to the back room and to the entrance room from inside. The cabinets of the tent come with mesh shelves for storing anything. They are completely protected and floored. The tent has six legs poles for the tent plus four legs poles for the cabinets.

The divider of the tent is sewn-in between the two rooms and also there are panels available on the inner windows and the inner door for extra privacy and protection.There are pop-up elements present in this tent that lock the poles to the hubs. This makes the connection stronger.

Ozark Trail camping tent with screen porch is also fully covered with the floor. The total floored area is around 189 ft² which is huge.
The floor is made with polyethylene, while the upper body and the fly are made of polyester. The floor is completely sealed off in both rooms so both provide the same protection level. But when the sky is clear, you can open all the panels in the front room. The tent is connected with mesh everywhere, so this looks perfect for warm weather camping. But if it rains, you will have to close all the panels. The tent has a typical cabin-style tent with straight walls and steep. This implies that the tent is a freestanding tent, the hub elements are present there to connect the roof poles and legs poles.

The tent is freestanding. It has six mesh windows on all sides of the tent. It is also a very affordable family camping tent with a porch.
The tent is tall, but its area is small. It has separate poles and separate files which are permanently attached. The frame of the tent is attached with clips and hooks. It also has pin-and-ring elements at the base, used for the cabinets. Simple steel pegs are included for the stake the tent appropriately. Everything is shading coded so the setup of the tent is easier than you will expect from such a large tent. The tent can provide space for 3 queen size beds so this determines the space available for up to 6 people. However, You can save lots of space by using bunk beds
With respect to the capacity, it offers 14 people. The inner floor size is 14 x 13.5 ft, one could put 14 cushions on the floor. So it is a suitable tent for a group of friends, but not for family camping.

The size of the tent is 35.5 x 16.5 x 13 inches. So it is a car camping tent. The company describes it as a three-season tent but openly, it is a summer camping tent, or maximum you can use it for two seasons. Because it has a gigantic structure that cannot long last in heavy winds. Its weight is 20.4 kg so it is heavy but it is the expected size due to its large number of features.


  • Weight 20.4 kg
  • Peak height 9 ft
  • Dimension 16 x 14 ft
  • Inner Area 189 ft²
  • Porch Area 100 ft²

  • Very comfortable tent
  • Very tall tent
  • Large windows.
  • Huge doors
  • Reasonable price
  • 2 rooms and 2 cabinets
  • Floor vents are not available

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