camping tent bundles

Camping Tent Bundles

If you are planning to camp on the beach or any other hilly area, so do not forget to take a camping tent with you as it acts as a shelter for all your outdoor activities. The family Camping Tent Bundles are designed to protect you from all kinds of weather deterioration. An ideal tent is suitable for all your outdoor needs. This camping tent bundle can be set up easily. And it mostly fits in all camping spaces.

The revolutionary enlarged dome-like design of Walmart camping tent bundles allows a comfortable room while still maintaining that wonderful low profile. The room of the camping tent bundle is enough to easily fit a queen-sized air mattress with extra space to store your other required camping items. The built-in mud mat helps to keep your tent clean of dirt and other debris at the entrance. The camping tent bundle also includes useful and built-in features, for example, the footlocker at the side of the entrance. The footlocker of the camping tent bundle is not only reachable from the inside but also from the outside of the tent as well.

The camping tent bundle never burdens your pocket. And the cheap Camping tent bundle also comes with features you never have imagined. It comes with a feature that protects you from inclement weather and rainfly. Rainfly camping tent bundle acts as an awning that protects you during rain over the large door and can be carried in the back, giving you the ability to create a flow of air in whatever way you want it. You can keep it closed when the night gets cooler to lock in that body warmth. Or you can open it up on warm summer nights to feel that cool breeze passing through.

The camping tent bundle also has a rainfly which can be separated as below and you notice the remarkable mesh roof design, perfect for looking up at the night sky while you fall asleep peacefully. They really did think of everything! The camping tent bundle is an ideal addition to the current camping world. Designed and engineered keeping your amenities in mind. There are a lot more features of camping tent bundles that blow your mind at least once. And the features of Walmart camping tent bundles are given below;

Ventilated Doors

The cheap family camping tent bundles have two ventilated doors and two privacy windows coupled with extra big mesh roof sky windows. The quick setup of the family tent gives airflow and protects you from bothering by insects and bugs. It allows you to open either side of the camping tent, closed it with the screen, or sealed with the nylon door for your privacy.

Four windows of a camping tent and a mesh ceiling provide ventilation while keeping the bugs out. The windows of the Walmart camping tent zip up to provide extra privacy and protection from rain one easy-access D-style door has a window that zips for privacy or rolls down for increased ventilation.

Pop up Tents

The most unique feature of Walmart camping tent bundles is, it can easily be pop up at any place you want for Camping within no time and requires a little effort. Just you need to open the package, unzip the tent, and throw it in the air and your camping tent bundle opens itself in a split second.

best camping tents for beginners

You do not have to fumble with poles or complicated instructions. As it requires a little effort to pop up and you can enjoy your sitting in camp. Walmart camping tent puts an end to the stress you face while setting up an outdoor tent.

Water-resistant Tent

The Walmart camping tent bundles are of premium quality waterproof material. The material used is upgraded polyester. It also includes double-headed zippers that enable the tent to open and close whether you are inside or outside of the tent. The family cheap camping tent bundle protects you from rain. As it has a waterproof treatment and taped seams to protect you from bad weather and rain.

Portable Instant Tent Package

The camping tent bundle has a fully automatic instant tent package which includes reinforced steel upgraded stakes and 10 guy lines on the roof cover. One roof sky window size is up to fifty inches in length and forty-three inches wide which is good for having a glance at the stars before sleeping.

The Walmart camping tent bundle has a package for everything you need on camping. The best part is portability as you can take it everywhere in a bag or duffle. It can fold compactly for easy transport and storage. As it can be packed inside a convenient-to-carry duffle.

Size and Measurements

The camping tent bundle fits one queen air mattress to sleep soundly. Also, a roll-back rainfly with a built-in awning protects you and your family from the rain. Large Storage Locker with inside and outside zippered access. The size of the camping tent bundle when assembled in LxWxH, is 9′ x 8.5’x 48″. And the Wight of the item when packed is up to 10 lbs.

which anyone can carry on his/her back. Moreover, hanging tent with clip set-up on comes in sizes of10 ft. x 10 ft. Walmart camping tent bundles have straight-leg canopy universal canopy accessory fits 10 ft. x 10 ft. The versatile camping tent bundle can be used at home, at camp, or while tailgating.

Gear Loft and Rainfly

The camping tent bundles also have a media pocket to keep you entertained even on camping. Two Section Storage Pockets & a gear loft E-Port for running power to devices. For conveniently storing small, lightweight items, the camping tent bundle contains hanging organizers and pockets. The rainfly creates a spacious lobby outside-perfect for stowing the shoes and other gear. Also, the rainfly of the camping tent bundle not only provides added protection from inclement weather but also permits you to crack your tent windows during a thunderstorm and still keep yourself dry. So the Walmart camping tent bundle is an ideal option for persons who love outdoor camping

Assembly Instructions.

Walmart camping tent bundle has a manual and guide which you can use to locate and find an appropriate place for your tent on camping. Also, Item instructions are stitched to the inside of the carrying bag for your convenience. As manual eliminates your worries about how to use these camping tent bundles and makes it easier for everybody who loves camping.

To sum it all up, a camping tent bundle is what everyone wants to accompany on his/her camping tour. So be comfortable and safe even when sleeping in the outdoors when you have a Walmart camping tent bundle. As it has 6-Person accommodation for a Straight-leg Canopy. This 100 sq ft. tent comfortably fits two big size beds or up to six sleeping bags.

So you can spend a night with a group of friends or family under one roof. The Walmart camping tent can easily be established in about a few minutes by just throwing it to convert it to a roomy sleeping area. The ninety-eight inches center height means even tall members of your company can stand up in your tent. The camping tent bundles’ four windows and a roof full of mesh provide plenty of ventilation. The Walmart camping tent comes up with a sewn-in floor to help keep bugs at bay.

The camping tent bundle also has a straight-leg canopy with it for barbecue in the backyard, and then change it into your sleeping area. Hence, you enjoy one of the most valuable nights of your life with Walmart camping tent bundles without having to worry about the weather and bugs.

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