Best Camping Heaters In 2022 | An Ultimate Guide With Reviews

Best Camping Heaters In 2022 | An Ultimate Guide With Reviews

Today, I will talk about the best camping heaters available in the market. In this article first I will describe 3 best portable heaters for camping, then I will talk about 3 best camping water heaters, and at last, I will explain 3 best camping tent heaters.

Best Camping Heaters In 2022 | An Ultimate Guide With Reviews

Here Are The Best camping Heaters

● Three Best Portable Camping Heaters
● Three Best Camping Water Heaters
● Three Best Portable Camping Heaters
● Best Camping Tent Heaters

The Highlander Safety Grill Portable Camping Heater

The Highlander is the best Portable heater for camping. Its most highlighted feature is its 1.3KW nominal output.
It features a nominal output of 1.3KW, which makes camping in the winter season without a hitch. This heater keeps you warm while fishing and climbing. Its method of using is also very easy. It weighs around 2.3 kgs, which alongside the strong convey handle, makes it simple for you to convey and move. It accompanies a directional hotter and programmed start framework. You can without much of a stretch power it up through an underlying Piezo Start switch and control its hotness yield utilizing the diversion handle situated as an afterthought. Clearly, this makes a lighter or potentially matches excess.

Moreover, the Highlander portable camping heater accompanies a consolidated temperature control handle that permits you to manage the temperature agreeable to you. You can without much of a stretch point the warmer to anyplace you like utilizing its turn system. You truly like this feature. This camping heater has A4 227g butane gas cartridges. Stacking the cartridges is basic. You simply need to move the canister switch in the opening. It has a defensive cover to keep the butane set up securely.
We truly like it from an incentive of money because it is genuinely cheap. But, you must watch out for it as its gas flames are huge and it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.


Materials: Steel with enamel-coated surface
Fuel Type: Liquefied petroleum gas
Dimension: 28.4 x 28.4 x 19.4cm
Weight: 2.31kg
Consumption of gas: 160g/h
Output of heat: 1.3kw


● Easy to carry
● Comes with a safety valve
● Comes with a gas canister lock lever
● feature a protective cover
● Easy to use
● Comes with a swivel mechanism


● Only suitable for heating in well-ventilated regions

Kampa Cuboid Portable Camping Heater

The Kampa Cuboid heater is one of the best portable heaters for camping.
One of the best features of this camping heater is the ability to warm the room very rapidly, attributable to its greatest force of 1500W. All that’s needed is a couple of moments to change the room temperature.
Also, weighing around 1.1kg, it is perhaps the lightest choice available in the market.

Since it hurls out a lot of heat, Kampa portable camping heaters have been sharp to the point of planning the Cuboid with cool-contact lodging, a warm overheat security system, and a tip-over insurance switch. The tip-over security switch helps switch off the radiator in a flash in the event that it’s not in touch with the floor. So, security is ensured here. These quays are a phenomenal expansion to the item that decreases the possibilities of injuries and accidents.

As far as power control, the Cuboid portable camping heater has the three best features. You can run as a cooling fan just for hot days, 750W power, or the fully strong 1500W power. It provides you with maximum features at a low price, so it is one of the best portable heaters for camping available in the market.


Power Source: Corded Electric
Dimension: 26 x 20.7x 18.7 cm
Weight: 1.1 kg
Heat Output: 1500W


● Compact design
● Lightweight
● Easy to use
● Stylish design
● Very safe


● Not good if you don’t have mains electric

Kampa Diddy Portable Camping Heater

The Kampa Diddy Portable Camping Heater is one of the most affordable portable heaters for camping available in the market. So you use this heater while camping in caravans, garages, porches, conservatories, and even in your home.
As an adaptable item, it accompanies a tip-over security switch, a warm overheat assurance, and cool-contact lodging. These features push customers to buy this product. On the off chance, this camping heater accidentally spills, it could hypothetically light a fire by touching off ignitable things close by.

This camping heater is shockingly strong and powerful for its size and can match the power of its greater sibling the Kampa Cuboid at 750 watts or 1500 watts. So you don’t have to wait for a long time to get the desired room temperature.

The drawback is that since it is little to the point that hot air is not difficult to disperse across a huge setting camping area – for more modest tents and campervans, it’s ideal however and at a reasonable price.


Material: Cool touch housing
Power Source: UK 3-pin plug
Dimension: H22 x W17 x D9.4cm
Weight: 1.05kg
Fuel Type: Instant


● Super lightweight
● Cool-touch housing
● Come with Instant fan-forced heat
● Come wi thermal overheat protection


● Suitable for small rooms only

The Coleman Oasis Camping Water Heater

The Coleman Oasis Camping Water Heater is a portable heater that can warm water up in just 30 seconds and connects to its own five-gallon water carrier easily.
Users should buy this camping hot water heater for several reasons like it is ideal for taking showers and also best for making hot beverages.

This camping water heater has a shower head that can be embedded into the movable holder it accompanies to use as a spigot for a sink. Or then again it tends to be separated and utilized as a handheld sprayer. It comes with its own charger making it quite easy to recharge. Users have reviewed how simple it is to use and how comfortable their camping experience is when they use this camping heater. This camping hot water heater has a 6-foot hose, non-kink, and has an implicit lithium-particle battery which can basically be re-energized by involving the power source in your vehicle.

One disadvantage is that this comping water heater does not use refillable propane cylinders however rather utilizes one-pound liquid propane cylinders which is very costly.


● Easy to use
● Very compact
● Heats water in only 30 seconds
● Can be used for various purposes
● Comes with a rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery
● Has a great illustrated manual


● No propane refillable cylinder

The Eccotemp L5 Camping Water Heater

Camping Water Heater

The Eccotemp L5 camping water heater is a portable water heater that comes with many good features like its low-lightweight, compact, and easy to moveable design. It can also operate over batt so no electricity is required.

This camping hot water heater comes with an adapter you can use to attach a garden hose too. This portable water camping heater can be easily taken anywhere, especially to off-the-grid locations. It can generate over a gallon of hot water in only one minute because it works on its battery, so no need for electricity for this camping water heater. You can also take this camping heater anyplace easily taken anywhere like at off-the-grid locations.

Buyers like how easy this camping hot water heater is, how simple it is to operate and how simple it is to set up. One of the best benefits of this camping water heater is that it takes a few seconds to warm up the water. So you don’t have to wait to get a desirable temperature for a comfortable shower. Second, best feature is that there is no need for electricity for its operating system.

A few buyers noticed that they felt the propane fire was not very much secured and smothered effectively so one needed to put out a water heater somewhere away from the breezes.


● Portable
● No electricity needed
● Can regulate temperature
● Warm up the water in a few seconds
● Comes with a showerhead
● Can be used in emergency situations
● Easy to set up
● Easy to take down


● The flame goes out too quickly

The Coleman 2300A700 Camping Water Heater

The Coleman 2300A700 Camping Water Heater is a portable heater with its own
full-sized spigot that easily overlays into its handle, which is a feature that every buyer desires. Buyers like how easy this camping water heater is to use and how the water gets warm quickly. They also write that it is not only perfect for showers but also perfect for washing dishes and other items that may need heated water.

This camping water hot heater can warm up to 39 gallons of water with its 16.4-ounce propane cylinder. Buyers should also purchase an adapter that will permit them to connect this water heater to larger propane tanks. After this, that unit will be able to heat up the water more than 35 gallons. With regards to the water stream, it handles 1 gallon of water each moment when on the warm and cool settings, and afterward it handles a large portion of a gallon of water each moment when placed on the hot setting. The battery that accompanies it is 6-volt-and it very well may be re-energized in your vehicle or from a power plug.

A few buyers have found that the one disadvantage of this camping water heater is that the life of its battery is not as long-lasting as expected and can be replaced after some months.


● Come with a full-sized spigot
● Comes with a ba16.4-ounce propane cylinder
● Easy to use
● Warm up the water quickly


● Its battery is not long-lasting as long as expected and can replace after some months

Best Camping Tent Heaters

Mr. Heater MH9BX Propane Camping Tent Heater

Mr. Heater MH9BX Propane Camping tent heater Heater is one of the best non-electric camping heaters available in the market. Made from strong plastic and sturdy steel, this camping heater can warm up the spaces up to 225 square feet at a rate of 4000 BTUs to 9000 BTUs per hour, which is more than required for a camping tent. When this camping tent heater is set at it’s peak point setting, it can run for up to 3 hours.

The programmed shutoff will switch off the unit assuming that it gets spilled, identifies low oxygen levels, or the pilot light goes off. The handle is intended to overlay down for simple transport, and it has a turn-out controller to save space. This camping tent heater weighs 10.6 pounds. Continuously counsel the manual while operating gas-powered heaters, and use it in a very much ventilated space.


Power Source: Propane
Product Weight: 10.6 pounds
Heat Output: 4000 to 9000 BTUs


● Made with Durable steel and plastic construction
● Heats spaces of 225 square feet
● Come with an automatic shutoff feature
● Has a built-in handle


● High winds may blow out the pilot light

Vornado Velocity 3R Camping Tent Heater

Vornado Velocity 3R Camping tent heater
designed with a smooth and sleek LED control system. This camping heater is easy to use, permitting the users to pick the best temperature on the advanced indoor regulator, switch between 3 different hotness settings, and set a clock from 1 to 9 hours. The 3 hotness settings incorporate low (750 watts), medium (1,125 watts), and high (1,500 watts).

This coming tent heater comes with a
The corded electric tent radiator has a cool-contact case, so it tends to be gotten and taken care of while inactivity or soon after being utilized. It is also outfitted with a programmed well-being shut-off framework on the off chance that the camping heater tips to save the risk of fire. In any case, the fan might be excessively uproarious for a few people.


Power Source: Electric
Product Weight: 4.5 pounds
Heat Output: 750W to 1500W


● Come with LED touch controls
● Three heat settings included
● The timer provides for 1 to 9 hours of heat
● Comes with an automatic shut-off feature


● Noisy operation

Mr. Heater MH4B Little Buddy Camping Tent Heater

Mr. Heater MH4B Little Buddy Camping Tent Heater is a powerful Little Buddy camping heater that runs on a disposable one-pound propane tank cylinder, is evaluated with an output of 3800 BTUs which is more than required to heat up to 95 square feet for 5.6 hours. Its well-designed heater head is set at a forty-five-degree angle to guarantee heat fills the whole tent.

Mr. Heater MH4B Little Buddy Camping Tent Heater has low oxygen and tip-over protection and comes with a simple on/off the system. So it is one suitable for well-ventilated tents.


Power Source: Propane
Product Weight: 5 pounds
Heat Output: 3800 BTUs


● Warms spaces for up to 95 square feet
● Can runs for 5.6 hours
● Comes with a Built-in tip-over protection system


● Only suitable for well-ventilated tents

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