7 Best Big Sur Camping | Best Guide With Reviews, 2022

7 Best Big Sur Camping | All you need to know, 2022

Big Sur camping means camping in the area of big sur in California.
This area of big sur is located in central California where the Pacific Coast meets the Lucia Mountains.
The red forests and dramatic oceanside views in Big Sur attract tourists from all over the world.

Limekiln State Park

Limekiln State Park offers some of the best camping in big sur Camping, with half of the campsites located by the beach with ocean views and another half down with redwoods along Limekiln Creek. Note that no RV of any kind is allowed in Limekiln State Park. Campervans like VWs and Vans are only allowed in this park. If you are planning to camp in this park, then do not miss the hiking of Limekiln Falls.

Limekiln State Park

Campsites: Around 40 tent sites.
Fee: Around $36 per night.
Amenities: Campfire ring with grill, Picnic table, water, and showers, No RVs allowed.

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

With Around 189 sites, the camping at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is one of the most popular and largest places to visit Big Sur Camping. Camping sites are located by the Big Sur River where most people spend the day enjoying the water.

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

This site is concealed by redwoods.The region is concealed by redwoods. There isn’t a cutoff on the number of tents in your camping area, insofar as they’re all inside the limit and not on the vegetation.

Famous trails in this park are the Big Sur River Gorge, River Path, Pfeiffer Falls Trail, and Valley View. This park highlights a huge Amphitheater for officer programs and also for evening occasions. If you are going through in an RV, then En Route camping at Pfeiffer Big Sur is a good choice if you aren’t able to book an ordinary site.

Campsites: Around 189 RV and tent sites.
Fee: $35 to 50 per night.
Amenities: Flush toilets, fire pit, showers.
with half-grill, no RV hookups, picnic table, dump station, or lodge store.

Big Sur Camping Area and Cabins

Big Sur Camping Area and Cabins is a privately owned place, which means rates for these camping areas are higher than other nations’ parks. This campground is situated along the Big Sur River and is encompassed by redwood trees. It underscores its family agreeable climate, including calm time beginning at 10 pm.

Big Sur River

If you are planning to get the experience of camping in a big sur full of luxury, then cabins are the best options at Big Sur Camping. Normal camping cabins at Big Sur Campground are present at rates from $135-190, while standard camping cabins are available at rates from $200-450 depending upon your requirements like occupancy and season.

Campsites: About 85 campsites and cabins.
Fee: $65 to $80 per night for tent/RV sites, $130 to $435 for cabins.
Amenities: Hot showers, volleyball, picnic table, tubing, basketball courts.

Kirk Creek Camping Area

Kirk Creek Camping Area is one of the best campgrounds in Big Sur with all the best views. This campground is situated on the bluff with interesting ocean views. The campground is a mix of dirt campsites and grassy. Various of them are encircled by oaks, so take care of yourself.

Kirk Creek Camping Area

You can bring a short climb down to Kirk River and the rough ocean side right underneath, simply take the path between campsites 9 and 11.
This campground has 2 first-served, first-come tent or RV campsites. The campground also has a few walk-in sites for hikers on the popular Vicente Flat Trail.
For using these sites, you can’t drive your car on this campground.

Campsites: Around 33 tent or RV sites.
Fee: $35 per night.
Amenities: Picnic table, vault toilets, campfire ring with grill, vault toilets, no RV hookups or water.

Ventana Camping Area

Ventana camping area is situated south of Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. This campground is 40-acre in the redwood canyon. It’s related to the luxury resort Ventana Big Sur, where daily room rates are a few thousand dollars. Ventana Campground is an only tent camping area, with a blend of climb-in and drive-above campsites. Trucks and camper vans with roof tents are allowed.

Ventana Camping Area

For something in the middle of tent setting up camp and the Ventana resort, they likewise offer glamping with safari-style material tents, sleeping cushions, and premium cloths.

Campsites: Around 40 tent sites.

Fee: Around $80 per night.

Amenities: Restaurant, restaurant
picnic table, no dump station or hookups, fire ring, water faucets.

Riverside Camping Area and Cabins

Riverside Camping Area and Cabins is also privately owned, which means here rates are a bit higher than national parks or states.
This campground has 11 cabins and 33 campsites on a beautiful ten-acre place along the Big Sur River. Most of the cabins include kitchen appliances like a coffee maker and fridge and a few private bathrooms.

Riverside Camping Area and Cabins

Campsites: Around 35 tent sites and 11 cabins.

Fee: Around $70 to $80 per night.

Amenities: Tubing, showers, camp store, fire pit, picnic table, fire pit, no dump station or hookups or for RVs.

Fernwood Camping Area

The Fernwood Camping Area bordered the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park along with its northern site. The campground has sixty sites that feature a mix of tents, tent cabins, RV campsites, adventure tents for cabins, and glamping. Cabins range from $130 to $345 per night depending on the type of cabins and time of year. This campground also has twelve rooms motel and within the resort.

Fernwood Camping Area

Campsites: Around 60 sites.

Fee: $70 to $100 per night.

Amenities: Flush toilets, camp store, showers, fire ring, picnic table, electricity hookups for a fire ring, and RVs picnic table.

A few things to know before going to Big Sur Camping

There is no network service in Big Sur. From Carmel to about 100 miles south, you cannot get a signal. So be ready for this difficulty. The most important thing you have to do is download offline Google maps.
The second most important thing to do is to set a meeting time and spot to coordinate with friends because there is no cell phone service in Big Sur.

Note that gas is very expensive in Big Sir.

The best option is to fill up your car tanky before reaching Big Sur. Keep in mind that there are only two gas stations in Big Sur.
One is situated near Pfeiffer Burns State Park. While the second is situated near the Plaskett Creek camping area. There are no various food options available in Big Sur.

So if you are planning to go Big Sur Camping, then take a trip to the grocery shop and take all of your grocery items. So keep in mind these important things before going to Big Sur Camping.

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