Best rv for winter living

13 Best RV for Winter Living In 2023

Traveling and camping during the winter can be fun, but you’ll want to make sure you have the right vehicle for it. in the construction of campers for the cold. But what is the best option overall?

The Northwood arctic fox is generally considered the best rv for winter living. There are several comfortable floor plans, as well as excellent insulation, powerful furnaces, and heated storage tanks. Other good RV options include models from Heartland, Jayco,  and Bigfoot.

If you’re looking for a great cold-weather trailer, you’re sure to see the Northwood arctic fox make an appearance. There are many factors that go into choosing the perfect winter home, so let’s explore some of the best models and some key things to look for in a winter home.

Best Cold Weather RVs for Winter

1. Jayco Redhawk 26XD

Jayco Redhawk 26XD - Best rv for winter living

 The Jayco is a visually stunning RV that pretty much guarantees a comfortable and cozy environment, doubly so if you’re looking to buy one of the latest 2022-2023 models. You’ll be spoiled for choice with five-floor plans to choose from, meaning you’re sure to find something to suit your specific needs. All models feature a robust Ford chassis, spacious bedding cupboards, a generous fridge, an awning, as well as a huge double bed.

Every Redhawk is generously proportioned, so aside from the above, you shouldn’t have a problem fitting the following:

  • a double bed
  • More closet space
  • A fully equipped bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.
  • Variety of cookware, containers, and countertops
  • a big sofa
  • A 32-inch television.

Naturally, the equipment and space are impressive and for the purposes of this article how does it fare in the cold? The huge fuel tank, powerful self-igniting furnace and large capacity water heater ensure you stay warm and comfortable whatever the weather conditions outside. If you’re looking to bring your family, your friends’ family and your dogs on your winter hikes, the sleeping arrangements for eight should be more than adequate.

2. Forest River Arctic Wolf

Forest River Arctic Wolf - Best rv for winter living

Arctic Wolf is available with six-floor plans to choose from, which means it will meet the requirements of almost any RV fanatic. The largest models weigh 10,000 pounds, which equates to a trailer load of approximately 1,400 pounds. This weight is due to its generous proportions, peaking at 35 feet long and 11 feet tall.

In addition to its comfortable size, Arctic Wolf owners can choose between the Extreme Weather Pack or the Arctic Pack for any winter outing. Let’s take a look at each package:

Arctic package

  • Windows in upper bunks
  • wired solar setup
  • pull out kitchen faucets
  • Optional accessories for outdoor TV and shower
  • wired entertainment system
  • Friction-Hinged Entry Doors

Extreme Weather Package

  • Arctic insulation was installed throughout
  • ducted air conditioning
  • Close-up fast-cooling fan
  • insulated upper deck
  • powerful ceiling fan
  • underfloor heating
  • bright wall construction
  • A powerful oven capable of producing 35,000 BTUs in seconds

3. Jayco 327CKTS Eagle

Jayco 327CKTS Eagle - Best rv for winter living

Jayco makes a second appearance on our list with Eagle. The new model just released in 2022 includes a number of upgrades and upgrades including a full-size refrigerator, plush and comfortable queen-size bed, huge closets, and washer/dryer combo.

Plus, you’ll have 19 feet of outdoor space to utilize, a well-appointed full bathroom that includes a toilet, sink, shower, and closet, a kitchen stocked with all the essentials, a full-size sofa, and an extra recliner.

If that’s not enough to suit your needs, you have the option of choosing a decorating package that will make your RV feel more like a home away from home. In addition, there are some optional extras:

  • Darkened double-glazed windows.
  • The dry pack, which provides space and capacity for LP
  • the waste system
  • A digitally managed and monitored tankless water heating system

4. Lance 4 Seasons Travel Trailer

Lance 4 Seasons Travel Trailer - Best rv for winter living

Designed specifically for all-weather riding, including winter and warm weather, the Lance proves that she doesn’t have to break the bank to experience winter riding. Here’s are following of its features:

  • Easily removable hatch covers can be added or removed in seconds depending on the weather outside. Insulated covers are designed to prevent the outside weather from invading the interior of your motorhome, which means happy campers.
  • The design uses insulation, which replaces the more traditional wood. The good thing about this thermoplastic is that it is a natural insulator that is adept at keeping the heat in and the cold out, as well as providing some soundproofing, which means that it will be at least partially immune to the sounds of generators or other external noise. Finally, the insulation will not rot or be subject to mold or mildew, unlike wood.
  • The caravan has an impressive ducted heating system. Clever engineering and design means heat is directed evenly throughout the motorhome, ensuring all rooms are heated to the same level.
  • Finally, the windows are double glazed and blacked out, providing an extra layer of insulation and soundproofing.

5. Heartland Bighorn

Heartland Bighorn - Best rv for winter living

Heartland is a giant in the RV world and over the years has established itself as a company more than capable of producing RVs that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Bighorn is no exception and deserves the hype associated with the brand. This trailer has about a dozen floor plans to choose from, which means that regardless of your needs, budget, or niche requirements, there will be a Bighorn that ticks all your boxes.

These trailers come in a variety of size combinations, with the largest clocking in at a whopping 14,000 points, which equates to a trailer load of almost 3,000 pounds. This mass is due in large part to its 45-foot length.

Nearly all floor plans come with the following foot warmer features:

  • An integrated air conditioning system with insulation
  • A heat pump oven capable of generating 42,000 BTUs of heat
  • Underfloor heating ducts that move heat evenly around the motorhome
  • The design and construction feature built-in insulation in all aspects of the RV, including floors, walls, ceilings, and windows.
  • a heated bottom
  • Enjoy a bath away from home with patented water lines.
  • The aesthetics provided by the fiberglass walls, laminate flooring and tinted windows make the motorhome stand out wherever it goes.
  • If you’re looking for a comfortable night’s sleep, Bighorn cubes it up with extra storage, a large king bed, memory foam mattress, and recessed lighting.

6. Windjammer 3008W Travel Trailer

Windjammer 3008W Travel Trailer - Best rv for winter living

Travel trailers are a much cheaper alternative to the full motorhome, they are an ideal choice for beginners and those just looking to experience the motorhome lifestyle. The Windjammer is a fantastic option, sleeping up to five people, so there’s no excuse not to bring your family.

This trailer isn’t exactly small, with a hitch load of 897 pounds, but it will do an admirable job of fending off bad weather and keeping you warm and comfortable. Given its impressive size, it can house a generous 45-gallon black water tank, a 75-gallon gray water tank, and a commendable 45-gallon fresh water tank.

In addition, the trailer does a great job of providing a number of other features, such as a closet, linen closet, kitchen with a microwave, gas stove, and an awning to keep out the sun or snow. To top it off, the master suite has a stylish fold-out desk and a large king-size bed.

If you’re wondering at this point what exactly makes this trailer a good choice for winter touring, keep reading:

  • Integrated full trailer isolation
  • Electronically controlled and monitored heated tanks
  • updated windows
  • Electronic heated mattress in master bedroom
  • updated fireplace
  • underfloor heating ducts

7. Keystone Raptor

Keystone Raptor - Best rv for winter living

Another great camper on our list is the Raptor. As you’d expect from a brand like Keystone, you’ll get a ton of features, including art packs to choose from. Also, you can choose some optional extras.

Raptor has a variety of eight cleverly designed plants to choose from. All layouts feature the same basic rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, however the exact layout and amount of space dedicated to each room varies depending on the floor plan chosen.

The MaxFlo air conditioning unit provides a warm and comfortable environment that can pump out an impressive 15k BTUs. This will keep you warm and toasty even during the biggest cold snaps.

8. Newmar Dutch Star Class A Diesel Motor Coach

Newmar Dutch Star Class A Diesel Motor Coach - Best rv for winter living

Whether you like to go big or go home, the Newmar Dutch Star could be perfect for you. It is absolutely huge!! And super chic inside.

This is great in every way, even the price! If you are on a budget, Dutch Star is definitely not for you. And I don’t blame you, I mean you could buy a house for that much money!

But this thing is a serious luxury vehicle. I’d be here all day if I started listing all the great features of the Dutch Star. My favorite features are the huge living room, the biggest shower I’ve ever seen in an RV, a beautiful big kitchen and lots of storage and wardrobes.

If you plan to be outside in the cold, this will keep you warm. It’s probably pretty scary to drive in heavy snow, though, so keep that in mind if you’re considering this trailer.

9. Heartland LM Arlington

Heartland LM Arlington - Best rv for winter living

If you choose to buy the Arlington with the Yeti Pack equipped, you’ll be buying the most capable and beloved Arctic Packs available. The pack is, of course, optional, but if you really want to take your RV out into cold weather, it’s an obvious choice.

Along with the out-of-home package, your RV will remain in pristine condition no matter how many times you decide to take it out. Read about some of the notable innovations available as standard:

  • An electric bed with integrated reading and comfort lights
  • A safe with a key and security
  • A well equipped kitchen including an oven.
  • A tiled backsplash area with beautiful backlighting
  • soft touch tables
  • Integrated USB charging ports
  • An inverter with made-in surge protection as standard
  • An ambient lighting system.
  • Optionally you can add external TV capability, integrated dishwasher and powerful bathroom exhaust fans.

To meet all these specifications, the Heartland weighs in at 15,170 pounds, which equates to a hitch weight of 3,100 pounds, and the ability to haul an additional 2,780 pounds means this vehicle is far from the smallest vehicle on our list. The Heartland measures 2.5 meters wide and just over 4 meters high.

10. Northwood Arctic Fox

Northwood Arctic Fox - Best rv for winter living

Very few arctic campers are as popular, well-known or appreciated as Fox. The reason for this is quite simple, Arctic Fox does what it was designed to do and packs a ton of useful features. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Built into the bedroom are USB charging ports, as well as a well-proportioned mattress and rug.
  • A fully functional bathtub with skylight and folding screen
  • A pedal toilet
  • Powerful exhaust fans in bedrooms
  • Built-in skylights and a full-size fridge, plus plenty of storage space
  • A fully equipped kitchen with microwave.
  • A dining area and an L-shaped sofa with comfortable cushions.
  • A digitally controlled and monitored thermostat for perfect heating
  • Integrated smoke, carbon monoxide and LPG detectors
  • A 19-inch fold-out widescreen TV with Bluetooth connectivity and a CD/DVD player
  • A range of smart storage options
  • Fully insulated with four season foam insulation that provides exceptional insulating properties

And that’s not all! With whole features, it would be easy to mistake the interior for a luxury apartment. If you wish, you can also add additional features such as generators, solar panels, cameras, thermal windows and much more.

11. Northern Lite Boreal 23FB

Northern Lite Boreal 23FB - Best RVs for winter living

We like the sleek look and clean lines of the Northern Lite Boreal 23 FB. This four season fiberglass travel trailer is luxurious and attractive has everything you need for four season camping.

With 30,000 BTU duct furnace and heat pump air conditioning. Boreal is designed to keep you warm and relax in cold weather and cool on hot summer days.

The Boreal also features the world’s first all-season leak-proof one-piece fiberglass construction. This unique design is new to the market and makes a great all-weather trailer.

The insulation of the Boreal is highly rated with an R5 rating. Even the boreal pools are heated and closed. We love that the trailer includes two 100-watt solar panels, allowing you to go off the grid for short periods.

12. Oliver Legacy Elite

Oliver Legacy Elite - Best RVs for winter living

How can you not love this cute travel trailer? The RV Oliver Company is dedicated to design and build quality, and it really shows. The Legacy Elite has that classic 1960s Airstream Trailer feel, but with a double-hulled fiberglass frame and modern interior.

It comes standard with some typical weather protection features such as double-glazed windows, insulated pipes and holding tanks. Plus, there are a few add-on packages that make this travel trailer perfect for exploring.

Not only is it the cutest travel trailer on my list so far, but it could also be of the highest quality. Oliver owners really trust their travel trailers for 4 seasons, and for good reason.

If you need a compact, high-quality, winter-ready travel trailer, this might be it!

13. Keystone Montana

Keystone Montana - Best RVs for winter living

Perhaps the best known cold weather trailer, the Montana is a legend in its own right. People have lived and still live all year in this capable vehicle. This model has a 15-year pedigree that has stood the test of time, proving year after year that it tops the list for all-weather motorhomes and deserves its excellent reputation.

During the development and testing of the Keystone Montana, technicians operated the RV in Indiana for several weeks at a time in sub-zero temperatures to ensure the vehicle was capable of continuous exposure to sub-zero temperatures. Additionally, at the Montana test facility, Keystone was tested at temperatures as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit, well below what you are likely to encounter in nature. Needless to say, Montana passed all the tests with flying colors. This is partly due to the included equipment:

  • Digitally controlled and monitored dual thermostat
  • Secondary conveyed A/C
  • Powerful 15,000 BTU Free Flow Air Conditioner
  • hot water drains
  • Electrically heated tanks
  • built-in water lines
  • Insulated tanks and drain valves.
  • insulated heated belly
  • Fully vented attic system.
  • Insulated heated duct system
  • A 35k BTU reheat oven with auto-ignition feature
  • Insulated roofs, floors, walls and windows greatly improve heat retention


Just a few decades ago, only a handful of RVs were set up to withstand extreme cold.

Today, the demand for cold-tough RVs continues to meet the needs of full-time workers, winter campers, fall hunters, and ice-fishing enthusiasts.

The RVs on this list represent the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes to the best RVs for extreme cold.

If you want a comfortable base camp for a long hunting trip or four-season RV, the 2020 Heartland Bighorn BH 3985 RRD Fifth Wheel Trailer is probably the best extreme cold weather trailer for you.

It has a powerfully hot oven, an enclosed belly with large water storage tanks, and expanding pex pipes to keep it supported for weeks.

If you’re an ice fisherman who wants to live on the frozen lake for long weekends of high-quality fishing, the 2020 Ice Castle Stub RV America II is one of the best RVs for extreme cold weather.

It has the necessary insulation and heating system to keep you warm and even sits on ice to get you within inches of the holes.

Whatever your priorities, it’s clear there are plenty of great extreme cold trailers on the market.

The ones on this list represent some of the best places to start for traveling interests and niches when the mercury starts to dip.


 1. Do I Need Four Season RV That Can Handle Extreme Cold?

Most people RV in the summer, spring, or early fall, where even a chilly night can be counteracted with a basic RV stove or secondary propane heater like a sunflower heater.

Unless you’re going to be stuck in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, chances are you don’t need to prioritize some of the features of a trailer built for extreme cold conditions.

While people with the following interests might seriously consider investing in an RV that is designed with cold weather features or can be easily modified to withstand extreme cold.

2. How can we Insulate RV windows For Cold Weather?

Windows are a major source of heat in motorhomes. This also applies to houses, apartments and office buildings. Insulating your RV windows can make a world of difference in keeping your RV warmer. There are three main ways to insulate your RV windows. They include insulating plastic films, triple or double glazing and curtains.

Double or triple glazed windows are windows that have small gaps between the panes. These spaces are usually filled with gas, which helps retain heat. This design helps keep the heat in and your RV warmer.

Double or triple pane windows also reduce heat transfer and condensation problems. If your RV has these features, that’s great news. You can have these windows installed if your computer does not have them. Alternatively, there are multiple ways to create the same effect. You can use a thick plastic wrap or Lexan on the outside of the windows.

3. What Happens when RV Pipes Freeze?

If the pipes in your caravan freeze, nothing will be able to get through them, so you won’t be able to shower or use the sink, plus there’s a chance they’ll burst.

Bursting pipes can be a very expensive repair, so traveling by motorhome in the winter requires pipes to be well-insulated and kept warm.

4. How Do I Store My RV In The Winter?

Sometimes you will have to store your trailer during very cold days to avoid damaging it. There are two main approaches to storing your RV for the winter: renting a storage unit and putting on an RV cover. Renting an RV storage unit is a more effective option, but it is also the most expensive.

If you are near a storage facility and want to provide adequate protection for your equipment, this is the way to go. A great online tool for locating an RV depot near you is Sparefoot. Sparefoot is a useful platform that allows you to access the nearest depots via your postcode.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to rent a storage unit, buying an RV cover is a great option to protect your RV in cold weather. RV covers prevent ice and snow buildup on the exterior of your RV. They also prevent meltwater from getting into joints, panels and other trailer components. Here are some steps you should take to safely store your equipment under an RV cover:

  • Clean and dry the interior and exterior of the motorhome before covering it.
  • Remove the battery and store them in a safe place.
  • Inflate the caravan tires and put something between them and the ground.
  • Be sure to drain all water systems.
  • Make sure the lid completely covers all sides.
  • Always check the snow that accumulates on the roof.

5. Can You Live in RV in Winter?

Absolutely!! Some RVs are actually made for winter. You just need to make sure that your trailer has excellent insulation, double glazing, a powerful furnace and closed, heated tanks and pipes.

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