5 best camping tent In 2022 | An Ultimate Guide With Reviews

5 Best Camping Tent In 2022 | An Ultimate Guide With Reviews

Vango Ringstead Camping Tent

The Vango Ringstead is the best camping tent is a hybrid single/double-wall design which is made of fabric and sentinel active polyester having no metal with a 3000 mm waterproof rating. Its floor is made of polyethylene which is a completely waterproof material. The floor of the tent is fully sewn-in and sealed. Even two internal tents also have their own sewn-in floors. So the sleeping area has dual floors which provide complete protection from the ground. This tent allows a dry setup. It means that this camping tent can be raised in the rain. The inner tents can be separated from the shell. For air circulation, there is a 10 cm on all sides.

The tent has a 3-room structure with two internal tents on the sides that represent sleeping areas and one large living room in the center of the tent. Keep in mind that you can remove any of the two internal tents. The door of the tent is like a double-layer type with a panel door plus a full mesh door. These doors can roll them both up and fix them above the door. It means there are openings available for ventilation on all 4 sides. All looks good, however, I am missing floor vents that are used when it is raining for an extended period of time. The tent has Vango’s TBS II system that stabilizes the tent in adverse conditions. The tent also has such air beams which can never break in any condition of wind. But due to these air beams, you cannot use this tent in snow areas.

This tent is suitable for all seasons. Its weight is 17.3 kg, so it is a heavy camping tent. It is easy to use. Only one person can easily set this camping tent for 10 minutes. This tent is officially for 4 people, but it can increase up to 6 if necessary. The tent is suitable year-round. Note that it is better suited for a cooler climate than for a warmer climate. Due to all these qualities, I consider it as one of the best tents for camping.

Bottom line: Vango Ringstead camping tent is a fully recommended tent for you because of its great design, good waterproof rating, and reliable inner organization.


Capacity 4 people
Weight 17.3 kg
Total floor area 110 ft²
Porch area 13.72 m²
Dimension 16.4 x 8.2 ft
Living room area 12.72 m²
Peak height 76.77 in

  • Huge waterproof rating
  • Easy setup
  • Good Organizations
  • Lot of space available in the tent
  • Lights-out design
  • No floor vents
  • Expeasive

Ferrino Camping Tent

Ferrino Camping Tent

This Ferrino camping tent has a large 3-room tent with inflatable beams instead of poles, and with great features and organization.
The tent has 3 separate rooms with multiple vents and many storage elements. This camping tent has an inner sleeping area with 2 sleeping rooms with a removable divider and zippered. The tent has such air beams which are known to behave great in any case of winds. These air beams have the ability to not break in case of wind. For use in a warm climate, there are doors with panels and mesh. This tent also has many roof vents and floor vents. So it has plenty of options for crossflow and ventilation. The tent has 2 separate inner tents, one for 2 people and one for 3 people. These 2 inner tents can be removed easily or you can separate them and have more space for living and storage. Ventilation is well designed with multiple roof vents and floor vents. It also has to mesh on the doors which can be used when the sky is completely clear.

The inner tents are made of notation H.T. 75D polyester, which is water repellent and breathable. Its floor is made of 70D polyester which is coated with aluminized polyurethane. While it’s fly shell is made of 210D oxford polyester with a waterproof rating of 2500 mm.
It weighs 11.6 kg. So this is a car camping tent. Keep in mind both of them are on their own floor. The tent has a large living area that lies under the shell. This is an official capacity for 5 people. The living room of the tent is fully sealed and protected, so this can accommodate more than the declared capacity. It can easily accommodate 2 people more. This tent is good for all seasons, but it is better that you should not use it in those areas where snow is expected. All seams are taped on the inner floor and shell. So this camping tent provides full protection from the elements. Its waterproof rating is 2500 mm. So this provides you with complete protection from any weather condition. Due to all these good feathers, this tent is one of the best camping tents for sale on the market.

Bottom Line: If you are searching for one of the best camping tents that has multiple rooms with very easy to set up, then the Ferrino camping tent is the best choice for you.


Capacity 5 people
Weight 11.6 kg
Total floor area 13.5 m²
Dimension 165 x 142 in
Peak height 80.7 in
Porch area 10.72 m²
Living room area 9.66 m²

  • Multiple rooms
  • Good ventilation
  • Modular design
  • Easy to use
  • Great protection
  • Multiple storage elements
  • Multiple vents
  • Expensive

Vango Capri Camping Tent

Vango Capri Camping Tent

The Vango Capri camping tent is made of a patented Vango TBS II Tension Band System which guarantees that it performs well in changeable and strong winds.

The tent has 3 rooms with a large living area plus 2 sleeping areas units. It is also a dark rest tent with a reduced glare which helps to take proper sleep in the morning. The floor is made of fully waterproof PE sheet, hardwearing and robust fabric with a bathtub style. The sleeping area floor has an extra layer and bathtub style here as well, so you definitely have double-floor protection in the sleeping area. The tent has one large double-layered zippered door with panel and mesh present underneath the porch, that is why it is fully protected. Sleeping rooms have their own zippered mesh doors. So they provide complete protection. There are two windows under the porch, one large window on each side of the living side and one on the main door. These windows are made of solid material, translucent PVC, so these provide complete protection from the rain and wind. There are extra panels present in windows that provide extra privacy and reduce glare. The sleeping area of the tent is present within the tent, so this is a double-layer zone. That is why its design is like a hybrid. Keep in mind that the sleeping zones can be removed, so you have two rooms in this situation.

The ventilation of the tent is based on vents because the shell tent is without mesh. So there is one vent present under the porch which is situated above the main entrance door. The front door is large and you have mesh here, so there are lots of airflows here if you roll the door panel to the other side.
There are vents under the big window, one long vent on the left side wall closer to the floor, and one vent on the back of the sleeping area. The huge porch area of this tent is protected and you can use it for cooking and to store stuff. This tent is officially for 5 people. The waterproof rating is 4000 mm, and this is really good enough for any weather situation in a 3-season use.

This is a 3-season tent because of its impressive waterproof rating that ensures to be protected in any weather conditions in a 3-season use. But the only tent is not suitable for warm areas. It is the best tent for cooler areas. The Capri is a camping tent, with a weight of 21.9 kg that you can’t carry around.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for one of the best camping tents that can be used in a wet and cooler area, then the Vango Capri camping tent is the best choice for you.


Capacity 5 people
Weight 21.9 kg
Total floor area 172.1 ft²
Porch area 34.3 ft²
Peak height 80.6 in
Dimension 236.1 x 126 in
Living room area 25.3 ft²

  • Impressive waterproof rating
  • Very comfortable
  • True 3-season tent.
  • Versatile
  • Good organization and good features
  • Large front porch
  • The side door is without a mesh
  • Not for warm areas

Outwell Hartsdale Camping Tent

Outwell Hartsdale Camping Tent

The Outwell Hartsdale camping tent is one of the large camping tents available in the market which has a huge structure having inflatable beams with a great waterproof rating and is suitable for a 3-season.

The tent is L-shaped because of the huge tunnel-type style with some extension on the side.
The shell of this tent is made of 100% hard-wearing and durable polyester material with a 4000 mm waterproof rating. So it provides you with complete protection from the rain.
The tent is made of inflatable beams instead of classic poles. The air beams are massive which are used in this tent and can never break. They blend under the pressure but restore their shape rapidly when the pressure decreases.

There are 2 large doors, one on the side and one on the front. This tent has 3 rooms with a large porch. So there is an inner tent within the tent having a zippered divider and this is the sleeping zone for six people. The inner rooms are made of dark material, so this is also a dark-rest tent, which provides proper sleep in daylight. The inner tent is made of breathable polyester while the floor of the tent is made of double-coated waterproof polyethylene.

The inner tent has two sleeping rooms. The inner tent doors have magnetic strips sewn into the vertical seams, so this permits for quiet and quick bedroom exit and entry, however, it also has standard zippers here for more secure closure when needed. The sleeping rooms are a tent within the shell tent, so this inner tent has its own sealed and sewn-in floor. The sleeping area has 2 waterproof floors one above the other. So this tent provides complete protection from the rain.

The sleeping zone has a dark side and roof panels to reduce light for improving sleep in sunlight. The tent has dark curtains over mesh vents to block light entry. One of the best features of the tent is its numerous solid windows, tinted to block light. The tent has many solid windows with a panoramic front door with its large mesh. This door is under the porch so it is completely protected from the rain. There are also vents, one vent on the side of the living room and on the bottom side.

The tent has an official capacity of 6 people. The tent is a true 3-season tent. It is nicely ventilated so it can be used in warm areas. Its dark interior makes it very suitable for sunny areas. This tent comes with solid windows, so it will work well in cooler areas. Due to all these qualities, this is one of the best camping tents for sale in the market. One thing where this tent cannot work is the snow areas. The tent has an air pump that can raise the tent from the ground in a few minutes. Its weight is 28.7 kg, so it is a bully and heavy tent.

Bottom Line: If you are searching for one of the best tents for camping which is pleasant and livable with full protection no matter the weather condition, then Outwell Hartsdale is the best option for you.


Capacity 6 people
Weight 28.7 kg
Floor area 20.46 m²
Porch area 3.5 m²
Peak height 90.6 in
Dimension 18.5 x 17.4 ft
Living room area 12.72 m²

  • Great organization
  • Quality materials used
  • Provide a full protection from rain
  • Tinted windows
  • Large porch
  • Magnetic inner doors closure
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Expensive

Outwell Clarkston Camping Tent

Outwell Clarkston Camping Tent

Outwell Clarkston camping tent is also one of the large camping tents available in the market with air beams instead of poles.

The tent is made of Outtex 4000, which is a 100% polyester taffeta with a 4000 mm waterproof rating and with all taped seams. While the inner tent is made of polyester which is 100% breathable.
Its floor design is like a bathtub with a 10000 mm hydrostatic head and double-coated 100% polyethylene. So those good materials provide complete protection.

There are 4 rooms with 2 sleeping rooms, one front room with a removable floor and one living room. The sleeping area has dark test features which provide proper sleep in sunlight. The windows are tinted and PVC which provides full privacy. There is a large living room plus a sleeping area behind with 2 separate rooms. The sleeping area is a tent within a tent, with a bathtub floor. So the sleeping area is a double-layer part while the rest is a single-layer waterproof tent.
It’s front room is detachable. There are 3 doors, all having double-layer.
All the doors have extra mesh for ventilation as well as many vents around them.

The waterproof rating is high, 10000 mm for the floor and 4000 mm for the shell. This is a true 3-season tent. Note that this is an air tent and it can’t accumulate on the roofs. The tent is officially for 6 people. But it can accommodate far more people than its declared capacity.

The tent has an inner dry area with a sealed and sewn-in floor. The inner tent of this tent is separated from the shell for more ventilation.
This tent is completely enclosed with a sealed floor and PVC windows. The roof of the inner tent is made of dark material for reduced glare. The tent has no mesh here. So it is best suitable for cooler areas. However it also has mesh and vents on the doors, so this has lots of ventilation and uses it even in warmer areas. The has long vents above the windows with vents on the backside behind the sleeping area.It’s inner layer also has a mesh so you can make it like a door when the sky is clear. The tent also has three inner doors, all having mesh for ventilation.

The tent is officially for 5 people. But this tent also accommodates more than the declared capacity. The tent weight is 36.6 kg, so its weight is heavy.

Bottom Line: If you are going camping with family or friends, then the Outwell Clarkston is one of the best camping tents options for you.


Capacity 5 people
Weight 25.6 kg
Floor area 25.46 m²
Porch area 5.30 m²
Peak height 86.6 in
Dimension 266 x 138 in
Living room area 15.72 m²

  • 4 separate rooms
  • 3 entry doors
  • Huge waterproof rating.
  • Huge space.
  • Quality material used
  • Dark rest feature available
  • Air beam technology used
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

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