About Us

Since I was a child I have loved the outdoor camping.

I grew up on a farm in northern Pakistan and spent many afternoons wandering through the woods and across the creek near our home.

During my teenage years, I went on many different camping trips through Tirah valley and the mountains of Khyber.

As I have come of age and my family has grown, that passion has not changed.

However, as an adult, I discovered that camping with my wife and children was different from going out alone. It presented a whole new set of challenges that I had to solve.

In 2020, while attending a camp concert with my wife, it hit me. I decided that I wanted to start a website about family camping. I wanted to show people that camping as a family doesn’t have to be complicated, just easy, fun, and most importantly, make memories to last a lifetime.

Track and Tour was the result of that. It’s my way of giving back to the outdoor community and hopefully inspiring you (the reader) to get outdoors.

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